The Haiti we love

Our new website launches in the shadow of human catastrophe. What I see evokes tears of helpless agony; the Haiti we love is scarred forever. The tragic wound is only days old, but will take decades to heal. It’s going to take mountains of prayer, commitment, planning, organization and resources.

Here’s a sampling of what’s on my grease board:

  • We’ve canceled the trips scheduled for this year, and I’m trying to look at every possible option that will enable us to get teams back in as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime the logistics of transportation and housing have to be resolved. As Wisky astutely pointed out: “Bob. Your hotel, The Montana, It is flat.”
  • Pipe, tin, and barrels will no doubt be difficult if not impossible to buy as we did before, so I’m working on a sustainable redesign without them.
  • Roro will be suffocating from the cries for help; and your donation dollars will help him meet immediate needs on the streets of Port au Prince. Thank you for all your generosity.
  • Seguin was not damaged by the quake, but food will be an issue very soon. So I’m trying to figure out a way to get funds up there so they can at least buy whatever is coming across the DR border.
  • About an hour away, down near the coast, is the town of Bel Anse’. It was hit hard, but probably a low priority in comparison. We will try to coordinate relief efforts there once we can get in.

If you’re one of the hundreds who have hiked the narrow paths of Seguin…thank you. The families in Seguin know they are not forgotten because you have shown God’s love with your compassion, sacrifice, and hard work. Keep them in your prayers.

If you’re not, then thank you for spending a moment of your time here. I hope this introduction acquaints you with us, intrigues you, and might motivate you to consider getting involved in Haiti’s resurrection.


Water is life.

RainCatchers is able to help people in Haiti only because of donations from people who believe in what we do and want to make a real difference. By helping fund our efforts, you can help give life to people in Haiti. [ Donate Now ]

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