The Beast

The 60 mile trip from the Port Au Prince airport to the clinic in Seguin is an incredibly difficult journey. The transportation available to our teams in Haiti is less than ideal.

Imagine the worst dirt road you’ve ever driven on. Now imagine traversing that road for 5 hours up and down and around winding mountainside trails. Now imagine doing that in the back of a dump truck sitting on top of a week’s worth of luggage and coolers filled with food for that week. Now imagine doing all of that in sideways rain.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 4 years purchasing, working with volunteers and donors, and putting time, sweat, and effort into The Beast.

The Beast has taken over four years to build with with nearly 100% volunteer labor and donations from RainCatchers supporters. The Beast was designed to be the perfect truck for our teams traveling in Haiti. This 2006 FUSO FG Service truck been outfitted with the right gear, tires, and safety equipment for the terrain and conditions our teams encounter.

With this truck our teams will be able to make the trek from the airport to the clinic quicker, safer, and dryer. This also means that our transportation once at the clinic will not just consist of our teams’ feet. The radius we will be able to travel will be vastly extended which means we will be able to help thousands more.

We cannot do this alone though. Just like volunteers and donors have helped us build the beast, we need donors to help get The Beast to its home in Haiti. Please consider a donation to help us ship the truck.

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Water is life.

RainCatchers is able to help people in Haiti only because of donations from people who believe in what we do and want to make a real difference. By helping fund our efforts, you can help give life to people in Haiti. [ Donate Now ]

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