Karin Harrison

I never thought I’d go on a mission trip. I was always quite content to live in my world of relative wealth and comfort. God had something else in mind for my life.

I met Roro Eustache in 1995 and for 14 years he asked me to come to Haiti with Raincatchers. God finally wore me down and my first trip to Haiti was in January of 2009.

I had no idea what true poverty was until I arrived in Port Au Prince. Never had I seen so many people with so little. The every day things that I took for granted like clean water, food, clothing and shelter were scarce in every area of the country. God broke my heart daily for the people I encountered.

Every day we hiked supplies for a raincatcher up or down the mountain. Quite often, out of joy, gratitude and excitement, the family receiving the raincatcher came with the widest of grins to help carry the supplies to their home. Most of the homes consist of a small cinderblock, mud and/or stone building with a tin roof. The even less fortunate people live in tiny huts covered in corn husks that keep out the rain.

After the hurricane in 2008 many children were dying of pneumonia because their crops had been destroyed and there was no longer a way to “waterproof” their homes. Raincatchers brought tarps to cover some of theses huts. At one small hut where 16 people lived a woman began to speak to me in Creole. I will never forget the words she spoke through her tears. She told me that she had been praying for God to send her a tarp. She was so thankful and told me that she would pray every day for God to bless me and my family for what we had done for her. So much love and gratitude for a $20 tarp!

My life has been forever changed by the people in Haiti. I ended up serving in Haiti twice in 2009. What an honor and a privilege it has been to share God’s love with them. My friends in Haiti have blessed my life more than I could have ever given to them. My family and I pray for the Haitian people every day. I go back with Raincatchers as often as I can and look forward to the day when I can bring my children to serve with me.

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Water is life.

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