Jeff Crawford

Nine years ago I had the privilege to travel to Haiti for with Raincatchers the first time. I was then a sophomore in high school and entirely engulfed in my own small world of skateboarding and the latest punk rock band. Catalyzed by sweat, smiles, hugs, songs, rooftop prayers and the grace of God I gradually and imperfectly began to see through the economic affluence and comforts of the first world and experience true solidarity, empathy, and compassion for those less fortunate. Suddenly, the world seemed large and I felt small. However, God revealed to me that despite the enormity of this world and its inequalities that the passion and commitment of one person can change lives.

While working with Raincatchers I met an American medical missionary working in Seguin. I spent a day volunteering in her clinic treating long lines of impoverished Haitians. Each patient was an opportunity to care for one of God’s children, brothers and sisters in Christ, a truth communicated by thankful smiles, gentle eyes, and broken English/Creole. Coupled with my curiosity for the sciences and the desire to serve the poor and the sick in Haiti, my life suddenly changed. I’m now in my last year of medical school. I firmly believe that my experiences and interactions with Haitians and our God who works in mighty ways there has changed me and my life goals in positive, powerful, and unimaginable ways.

See you there!

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