Alex Boyle

It is tough for me to put into words what my experience in Haiti was like. I have never felt God’s presence more in such an overwhelmingly short period of time.

I’m 32, and I celebrated my birthday in Haiti, which felt a bit like new birth to me.  I’ve never been in an environment that truly shows God’s mercy and grace like what I saw in Haiti. I now realize I live in a modern-day heaven compared to how our brothers and sisters of Haiti live on a daily basis.  When our team worked together as one to provide fresh water for people, it gave me a sense of unity with mankind and showed me we’re all here to support one another regardless of our history, culture, or status.  I saw more love and appreciation in the Haitian children when receiving a simple cereal bar and pair of shoes than I ever witness in my “usual” life.

I felt unworthy and yet blessed to be used by God as a vessel of his love in Haiti, even if for a brief moment. For those few days, the Lord used our crew to do His work, but more importantly, His vision became crystal clear to us through the lives of the women, men, and children of Haiti.  I realized I have a lot to work on in my life with regard to where my priorities are and where they should be.  God is so good, and He allowed me a life-changing and healing gift:  6 Days in Haiti.

Thank You Heavenly Father and thank you Raincatchers.

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Water is life.

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