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We’re an organization that leads groups of volunteers into the mountains of southeast Haiti to build simple, sustainable rainwater collection systems called Raincatchers.


A Raincatcher is a gutter made from plastic pipe, some tin to divert the water, and a sediment filter.  It will catch about a liter of water a minute.  The concept is used all over the world, notably in similar environments where wells are not an option. Collecting it off their own roofs can produce more than enough water for families to drink, cook, bathe, and share.

This is a big deal when you’re used to carrying every drop you use.

However, you have to actually see everyone scurry to fill every possible container with rainwater to fully appreciate its efficiency, and comprehend the need.


One family at a time, throughout the Seguin Plateau, we put water into Haitian homes.


The only other source available to them is usually hours away by foot, over rough terrain. Water must be carried back home on their heads, in buckets, with a plantain leaf for a lid.


Groups come from colleges, churches, and schools and are immediately immersed into the local culture and community. Unfortunately they also know to expect an occasional hike in sideways-rain and knee-deep mud. The experience is pure and authentic, but not always comfortable.


We meet many families and walk many miles, always surrounded by throngs of little children, so everyone has a story. Read some of them here for their personal perspectives.

Water is life.

RainCatchers is able to help people in Haiti only because of donations from people who believe in what we do and want to make a real difference. By helping fund our efforts, you can help give life to people in Haiti. [ Donate Now ]

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